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Scent marketing is not new. It is much more advanced in countries like Japan or the United States. But also in Europe it is used from airports to subway stations, from supermarkets to trendy boutiques, from hotels to offices. It’s used to help people relax at a police station or to help people stay alert at a conference. In case you have not noticed it yet, start paying attention. The world is more than what you see.

At Innoscent, it is our mission to make scent marketing accessible to you. We carefully select our European suppliers. Our professional fragrance systems are maintenance free and have a 5 year global warranty.  We only use the highest quality scents made in Europe, 100% pure fragrance without alcohol or water.  We continuously scan international developments to make sure we only  offer you the best quality solutions.

Above all, we are a no-nonsense sales and service team that would love to get in contact with you. Every business and building is different. Whether you are a health professional, a hotel or office manager,  a club or shop owner, from  restaurants to pharmacies to wellness centers: We look forward to working closely with you to select one of our many inspiring scents. You know the impression you want to make. We can help you shape it.

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