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You carefully select your ingredients. Your staff makes sure your guests get everything they desire. The scents in the kitchen are delicious. How about the rest of your building?

The sensation of smell is the most direct of our senses. It goes straight to our emotion. It can create or ruin our appetite. It affects our mood and can help us remember. When guests come in, they may sit down. They have something to drink. They eat. They talk, they discuss, they joke. They spend time with you. They could have stayed at home, but they came to you. They like to be your guest. Your place has something special. You know the ambience you want to create. We can help you shape it.

Innoscent works with carefully selected European suppliers. Our systems come with 5 years guarantee and hassle free operation. We look forward to working closely with you to select one of our many inspiring scents, all based on 100% natural oils. With Innoscent, managing the scents in your café or restaurant will be easy. Create that special ambience…


VoitAir 401 500 m3 VoitAir 501 1000 m3 VoitAir 601 1000 m3 VoitAir 701

VoitAir 401

Economical and without maintenance aroma system.

VoitAir 501

Technical gem of scent marketing, low noise.

VoitAir 601

Automated system with unique design.

VoitAir 702

The latest product to allow combine two scents.

Innoscent - inovative scent marketing

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