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You know your crowd. You know where they come from before they enter and where they go after they leave. Your place is on their way. They like the looks of your place. They dig the music. Make them love the smell.

The sensation of smell is the most direct of our senses. It goes straight to our emotion. It helps us remember, affects our mood and gives us energy. When the crowd enters your place, they order a drink at the bar, starts to flirt or gets up to dance, all the depending on the mood they are in. If it was good, they will come back and the last night’s memories come back the moment they enter and recognize the smell. You know the experience you want to create. We can help you shape it.

Innoscent works with carefully selected European suppliers. Our systems come with 5 years guarantee and hassle free operation. We look forward to working closely with you to select one of our many inspiring scents, all based on 100% natural oils. With Innoscent, managing the scents in building will be easy. Create the night out they will remember…


VoitAir 401 500 m3 VoitAir 501 1000 m3 VoitAir 601 1000 m3 VoitAir 701

VoitAir 401

Economical and without maintenance aroma system.

VoitAir 501

Technical gem of scent marketing, low noise.

VoitAir 601

Automated system with unique design.

VoitAir 702

The latest product to allow combine two scents.

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