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Every space is unique. From the outside, the design of your building. How your doors and windows are positioned. What material were used and what state they are in. To the inside, who is using the space? Who is it intended for? What would you like to do with it?

 At Innoscent, it is our mission to make scent marketing accessible to you. Whether you are a health professional, a hotel or office manager, a club or shop owner, from restaurants to pharmacies to wellness centers: We look forward to working closely with you to select one of our many inspiring scents. You know the impression you want to make. We can help you shape it.


VoitAir 401 500 m3 VoitAir 501 1000 m3 VoitAir 601 1000 m3 VoitAir 701

VoitAir 401

Economical and without maintenance aroma system.

VoitAir 501

Technical gem of scent marketing, low noise.

VoitAir 601

Automated system with unique design.

VoitAir 702

The latest product to allow combine two scents.

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