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You have your returning faces. Or your random traffic from outside. Some look for something special and others for nothing in particular. Your shop has something for all. Will they stay long enough to find it?

The sensation of smell is the most direct of our senses. It goes straight to our emotion. It helps us remember, can make us alert or more relaxed. When visitors come in, they are often with their mind still somewhere else. There is a lot to see in your shop. You have limited time to seduce them. Are they comfortable in your world? Are they excited? Will they try something on? Will they tell their friends? You know the impression you like to make. We can help you shape it.

Innoscent works with carefully selected European suppliers. Our systems come with 5 years guarantee and hassle free operation. We look forward to working closely with you to select one of our many inspiring scents, all based on 100% natural oils. With Innoscent, managing the scents in your shop will be easy. For a better shopping experience…


VoitAir 401 500 m3 VoitAir 501 1000 m3 VoitAir 601 1000 m3 VoitAir 701

VoitAir 401

Economical and without maintenance aroma system.

VoitAir 501

Technical gem of scent marketing, low noise.

VoitAir 601

Automated system with unique design.

VoitAir 702

The latest product to allow combine two scents.

Innoscent - inovative scent marketing

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